Impact of health technology on diabetes management

“P4” is a term that is often associated with future of medicine – prediction, prevention, personalization and patient participation. Many current health related technologies have already started moving towards the future and many more innovations are yet to come, that will make the goal of holistic medicine true.

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Challenges in preventative cardiology – is no-code the solution?

Considering the impact of therapeutic interventions on modifiable risk factors that lead to CVD, care providers can use no-code programs to curate personalized programs for every patient. The care programs developed for patients can consider individual biological risk factors and become highly specialized to monitor patients as needed.

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Common pitfalls to avoid in health tech startups

The ever-changing landscape of health tech is driving incredible innovation. While many entrepreneurs start off with wonderful ideas on how to solve particular problems in healthcare industry, many fail to hit the mark. This, according to research, leads to 70% of startups to fail, which amounts to $1.3M in total funding closed.

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