Build medical homes for virtual care whenever, wherever

For Care Providers

Build-a-Care empowers care providers to create their own care programs, protocols, apps and analytics within days, improving short term and long term patient outcomes.

Configurable Care Pathways

Create clinical care pathways that are suited to every patient’s individual needs, using internationally standardized guidelines. Administer care using remote patient monitoring programs to closely monitor patients’ health and improve outcomes. 
  • Predictable, optimized workflows 
  • Comprehensive and integrative 
  • Personalize care while adhering to international guidelines 
  • Remotely monitor patient progress 
  • Improved outcomes Remote care
  • Meet patients where they are 
  • Make evidence based decisions in care provision patient-centric, personalized and value-driven care 
Medical Home

Configurable Alerts

Configurable alerts allow for close monitoring of patients as per defined parameters. Pick and choose thresholds which require special attention from the care team and set them up as part of the clinical care pathway. Encourage treatment compliance by configuring medical and lifestyle alerts to patients as needed.
  • Configure multiple alert configurations 
  • Pick limited alerts to avoid burnout 
  • Increase patient engagement 
  • Actionable alerts configuration
BaC Alerts

Health data analytics

Analyze patient’s data in real time to predict health trends and outcomes. Gain micro and macro insights to support evidence based decision making in treatment plans. Offer personalized treatment and preventative care for high risk patients to decrease adverse outcomes. Perform descriptive, predictive, prescriptive and discovery analytics.
  • Create data driven diagnosis and treatment plans 
  • Research Disease prediction 
  • Automation of care pathways 
  • Personalized care

Real-time Communication

Stay connected with the patient and care teams through consistent and clear communication that improves relationship, compliance and outcomes and reduces mistakes across the patient centered care pathways.
  • Real-time communication using Chat
  • Asynchronous communication using Comments Boards
  • Enhanced provider collaboration
  • Improved patient engagement
  • Improved health management and outcomes
Provider App Task Detail Comment

Remote Patient Monitoring

Expand your practice by engaging patients remotely in care plans. Monitor patients by easily accessing patient data online and provide higher quality of care.
  • Improved access to healthcare 
  • Improved quality of care 
  • Decrease physician burnout 
  • Improved outcomes
Home Screen Provider App Build a Care

Guided Articles

Create and curate a library of informative articles for patient’s knowledge about their disease processes. Attach documents, images or videos within the articles to supplement the knowledge base.
  • Evidence based information 
  • Fully customizable notes 
  • Free and easy access 
  • Improved patient experience

For Patients

Build-a-Care allows the patients to receive highly personalized care that takes into account their disease and lifestyle, reducing instances of treatment non-compliance and lost-to-follow ups.
  • Personalized care
  • Timely nudges and reminders for lifestyle 
  • Condition based alerts
  • Monitoring medicine schedule and alerts
  • Education Content
  • Predictive Insights 
  • Improved Outcomes

Personalized Care

Unique characteristics like biological, social and economic factors taken into account and care plans personalized according to the patient’s needs available at their fingertips. 
  • Real time assessment according to patients’ unique needs 
  • Risk monitoring and preventative/early care plans 
  • Early detection and accurate diagnosis 
  • Outcomes driven treatment
  • Increased patient engagement and satisfaction
Home Screen Patient App Build a Care

Timely nudges and reminders for lifestyle

Encourage patient-driven desirable behavioral change that encourages a healthier lifestyle. Create customizable push notifications that allow for increased patient involvement in drafting their diagnosis and treatment.
  • Increased patient compliance to care plans 
  • Improved medication adherence 
  • Improved evidence based medicine implementation 
  • Improved continuity of care


Timely alerts to patients about their health parameters for self-management. Customizable alerts close the gaps in patient care and empower them to take charge of their own health with effective evidence based strategies.
  • Improved disease management and control 
  • Timely interventions 
  • Prevent adverse outcomes 
  • Enhanced patient experience 
  • Improved chronic illness and behavioral health outcomes
Notifications Build a Care

Monitoring Medicine schedule and alerts

Create schedules for patient medications to send timely alerts and reminders that reduce poor adherence, dose omission and changing intervals to allow for maximum treatment benefits. Simplify multiple medical regimens for patients and report outcomes in a timely manner to drive outcomes driven management.
  • Increased medication compliance 
  • Increased self improvement management 
  • Increased tracking of adverse events 
  • Timely intervention to prevent adverse outcomes 
  • Preventative care to mediate health risk factors 
  • Improved data driven and personalized care plans 
  • Increased patient empowerment and engagement
Medication Form Build a Care 2

Education Content

Access a specially curated library of articles about patient health and other reading material at the tip of your fingers and on-demand. Understand basic health information to make appropriate health decisions. Empower patients using evidence based knowledge platforms to take up a bigger role in deriving their care plans and outcomes.
  • Easily accessible 
  • Empowered and educated decision making 
  • Decreased learning barriers 
  • Improved communication with care team 
  • Improved, self-driven health outcomes

Predictive Insights

Use insights derived from data collected about health parameters to make informed health care decisions and identify risk factors that can lead to adverse outcomes. Interpret health data using biological, social and behavioral markers to increase adherence to care plans and improve outcomes.
  • Proactive care 
  • Improved decision making 
  • Personalized care plans driven by patient behaviors 
  • Provision of patient-centered care 
  • Risk prediction and preventative treatment delivery


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