Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is the most common chromosomal condition. Over 6000 babies born in the US every year are born with Down syndrome. (1)

Individuals with Down syndrome often face chronic health issues that need special attention and consideration from their care providers. Health services need to facilitate personalized care to individuals with Down syndrome, since every patient is unique and has a different phenotypic expression of the syndrome.


Build-a-care offers a curated care program that allows for:

  • Coordination with multiple care teams
  • Timely reminders of medications
  • Customizable alerts for lifestyle management
  • Closed communication loop between patient, their families and care teams
  • Accessible and patient-centric care programs

medication compliance

care team coordination

patient monitoring

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Join us as a collaborator on this program to help diabetic patients live their best lives. You can participate as a clinical collaborator or an investor to scale this program globally.

  • As a clinical collaborator, you can run pilots or implement this program with your patients in your practice. Ideally, you would be an endocrinologist, a diabetes specialist or any care provider who runs medical homes for diabetic patients.
  • As an investor, you can become a stakeholder in this program as we scale this across across the globe.

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