Medical home for treatment of congenital heart disease

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“Approximately 40,000 births per year in the United States are affected by congenital heart disease [1].”

This leads to increased demand for continuous, comprehensive and coordinated care. With Build-a-Care, a holistic care model is adopted which allows for personalized and timely care.

  • Engagement of multidisciplinary teams 
  • Continuous closed loop communication 
  • Care pathways developed using internationally standardized guidelines for multiple congenital heart conditions

cardiac Quality of Life

hospital admissions

school attendance

Become a Collaborator

Join us as a collaborator on this program to save lives. You can participate as a clinical collaborator or an investor to scale this program globally across heart centers.

  • As a clinical collaborator, you can run pilots or implement this program with your patients in your clinic and heart center. Ideally, you would be a cardiologist, a thoracic surgeon or any care provider who is responsible for medical home program.
  • As an investor, you can become a stakeholder in this program as we scale this across heart centers and clinics across the globe.

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